Gestión de Compras has the necessary means to carry out different types of milling process.

Milling is one of the processes by chip removal machining. Machining is a way of working the material and get the necessary parts.

The most commonly used materials are alloy steel, carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium and zinc. Other materials are titanium, ceramics, elastomer, lead, nickel, thermoplastics and thermosets. Parts made by the process have an important use in the area Industrial, automotive, machinery, telecommunications, and other electrical and electronic components.

The milling process requires a basic equipment. Basic equipment consists of milling machine, work-piece, fixture and cutter.

Operations during the milling process cycle are as follows.

End milling: Tool mill makes peripheral and slot cuts across the work-piece.

Chamfer milling: Tool mill makes a cut along of the work-piece to create a 45 degree angled.

Face milling: Machine works in a flat surface of the work-piece to create a smooth finish.

Other operations are drilling, boring, counter boring, countersinking, tapping, reaming.

The most important element in the process of milling is necessary machinery. This machine is called milling. There are different types of milling. The routers according to tool orientation can be horizontal, vertical or universal. The special milling can be circular, copiers, gantry or mobile bridge. The routers according to the number of axes can be three, four and five axis.

Milling advantages: Many materials are compatible with this process. Very good tolerances. It’s a quick process, so milling has short lead times.

Milling disadvantages: After the process, there is a lot of waste. The complexity and characteristics of final pieces are limited. To get a piece maybe needed several operations, tools and machine. The basic equipment required for this process is a high equipment cost.

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