Mechanical components and hardware

Gestión de Compras provides various mechanical components and hardware. Gas springs, anchors, nuts, springs, screws and hinges with some of the available components

The mechanical components and hardware tools and parts are in high demand in various sectors. They are present in the household furniture and workplaces. In kitchens, living rooms, offices and rest areas as part of drawers, cabinets, chairs and office desks, sofas and armchairs. Certain gym equipments such as weight machines also use these components. Generally, doors, windows and vehicle parts (doors, hoods, trunks, regulators) will also be in these parts.

Some of the most used mechanical and hardware components are the screws, hinges, dampers and gas springs.

The gas springs are made by casting and forging processes, and made ​​from aluminum alloy with copper, magnesium and silicon. They are used in furniture, beds, sofas and similar furnishings, as well as in other areas.

The dampers have the primary function of absorbing the energy required to reduce the rocking which causes a continuous movement, or even to slow the energy released at once.

The hinge is the part that makes it possible for parts of a rotating element. For example, the hinges are responsible for opening and closing a window or door. They are made ​​from materials such as plastic, brass, steel or brass. Consist of two parts: one part is fixed to the element, and the other which is fixed on the other hand and rotates on its axis.

Finally, the screws have a cylindrical shape for fixing pieces together. They are made of material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum…


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