Gestion de Compras has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture plastic parts and profiles by extrusion.

In extrusion process, molten material passes through a die that forms a continuous straight profile which is cooled and solidified. Usually, this process is cheaper for simple profiles.

Extrusion processes

Blown film extrusion

This process combines extrusion and blowing to produce a tube of thin film. It begins with extrusion of tube that is drawn upward with rollers and simultaneously expanded by air inflated into through a die mandrel. Plastic film for shopping bags and continuous sheeting are manufacturing by this process.

Sheet and film extrusion

It is used to extrude plastic sheets or films that are too thick to be blown. The molten material is extruded through a flat die. Then, it is pulled through a set of cooling rolls which are used to determine the thickness of sheet/film and its surface texture.

Tubing extrusion

The molten plastic is extruded through a die and hollow cross sections are formed by placing a mandrel inside the die.

Over jacketing extrusion

It is also called wire coating process. This process allows for the application of an outer layer of plastic onto an existing wire or cable which is pulled through the center of a die.


It is the extrusion process of making multiple layers of material simultaneously. It is used to apply one or more layers on top of base material to obtain specific properties.

Extrusion coating

It is used to make an additional layer onto an existing rollstock of paper, foil or film.

There is a huge range of plastic parts made by extrusion as pipes, fences, windows frames and profiles, adhesive tapes, wire insulation, automotive interiors, shopping bags, wrapping materials, sheets… and it is widely used in packing, construction, decoration, automotive, technical textiles…

There are a lot of plastic available for extrusion PVC, Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene, Polystyrene, high impact polystyrene (HIPS), ABS, Polymethyl methacrylate, Nylon (polyamides)…

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