Gestion de Compras has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture anti-vibration mounts and silentblocks.

Vibrations created by machinery produce different problems as fatigue failures within structures, reductions in the machine’s useful life or, simply, noise problems.

These problems are solved through the coupling of vibration isolation mount or antivibration mounts by allowing flexible movement and reducing the stress placed on the support structure.

Anti-vibration mounts are rubber parts with some kind of metal component produced by injection or compression process. The special properties of the rubber and the stiffness of the metal component make these parts are suitable for solving a wide range of vibration problems.

Anti-vibration mounts are widely used in automotive, auxiliary equipment, manufacturing machinery, generation of electrical energy, air compression, architectural, pumping of liquids, transportation, medical equipment, machine tools, furniture……

Silentblock bushing is a type of rubber bonded to metal isolator. These absorbers are able to remove or reduce a large amount of vibration problems, specialty when vibrations are of small amplitude.


  • High tensile stretch
  • Excellent tolerance
  • Big corrosion resistance
  • Maximum functionality.

We can find a huge range of Silentblocks types in automotive, railway or any vehicle suspension system.

Gestion de Compras has the facilities to design and manufacture Anti-vibration mounts and Silentblocks under customer's specifications.

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