Gestion de Compras offers a wide range of O-rings and Oil seals under high quality standard ASTM, DIN, ISO and BS.


O-ring is a close circle usually made of rubber which principal function is to block any fluid (liquid or gas) between two closely spaced surfaces.

The dimensions are defined by Inside Diameter and the Cross-section. The insulating effect of the O-rings is created by the deformation of the cross-section, which closes the gaps between the contact surfaces.

Generally, there are two processes of manufacturing O-rings. First, per compression, it is suitable for manufacturing smaller quantity and larger dimensions and second, per injection which is suitable for large quantities and smaller dimensions.

Oil seals

It is a complex type of gasket. The usage is similar to the others seals as work to prevent leakage of lubricants such as oil, chemicals or any fluid and also prevents the entry of dust and contaminants from outside.

The main difference with other seals is that Oil seals are designed in a variety of shapes according to the applications and substances to be sealed. Essentially, Oil seals are composed of rubber, garter spring and an internal metal case which provides rigidity on seal, helping it settle on the housing securely.

Gestion de Compras supplies O-rings and Oil seals made of NBR, HNBR, ACM, EPDM, CR, FKM, PTFE, MVQ… And for sectors such as automotive, machinery, household appliances, railway...

Gestion de Compras offers to customers a broad expertise in design and manufacture any kind of seal. O-rings and Oils seals with drawings specification can be supplied also.

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