Gestión de Compras supplies flanges according to standards ANSI, BS, DIN, JIS, ISO as well as according to customer specifications

Cable ties are a pipe fitting which has Gestión de Compras. Its function is to join two pieces in a piping system, and easily separate them at a particular time. By function and utility, the flanges are present in many sectors and areas such as construction and industry. More information in our Catalogue of flanges.

The parts of a flange are tight, the neck, the diameter of bolts and face. According to the materials they are made, their use, and characteristics of some of its parts, there are different flanges classifications.

So, flanges are regulated by the ASME / ANSI B16.5 and ASME / ANSI B16.47. These standards classify the different flanges to the relationship between a curve obtained on the material by the effect of exposure to a given pressure and temperature. Based on this standard, flanges classes are: 150 #, 300 #, 600 #, 900 #, 1500 #, 2500 #, 75 #.

Flanges are usually named by ASME standards. These are the SA-A105 (Carbon steel forging), SA-A266 (Carbon steel forging for boiler and pressure vessel) and SA-A182 (low alloy steel). Other usual materials are AISI 304, AISI-316, JIS 63106, SM41B, DIN 17100, DIN 17200, BS304515, GB 20Mn, among others.

As design, the flanges are classified as follows:

  • Welding Neck flange
  • Slip On flange
  • Socket Weld flange
  • Lap Joint flange
  • Threaded flange
  • Blind flange.

Depending on the face, they fall in flat face (FF), with raised face (RF), or face ring (RTJ).

Gestión de Compras prepares specifications flanges to ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47, ANSI B16.36, BS10, API-6A/6BX, MSS SP44, BIN 2632-2638, DIN 2576, 2642, 2527, 2566, JIS B2220-1984, B2219-1984. In addition, we can also manufacture flanges according to customer’s requirements.




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