Gestión de Compras has the means necessary for the drilling process.

Drilling is a machining process. The main feature of this process is material removal.

The materials employed in drilling and other machining processes are carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum ... Parts made by this process have an important use in industrial, automotive, machinery, telecommunications, and other electrical and electronic components.

Most important element of this process is cutting tool. Cutting tool is the drill bit. Drill bit is pressed against work-piece surface. Cutting tool removes material. This material removed is called chipping.

Types of perforations:

-       Spot drilling. Guide the next step of drilling process.

-       Center drilling: Perforation will be a rotation center for next process.

-       Deep hole drilling: Drilling depth is ten times larger than the diameter of the hole made.

-       Gun drilling. It needs a high speed in the hole.

-       Trepanning: Used for creating large holes.

-       Micro-drilling: Used for creating small diameter holes.

-       Vibration drilling.

-       Circle interpolating: Cutting tool rotates on its own axis.

Some processes followings drilling are counter boring, counter sinking, boring and friction drilling.

The drilling can be of different shapes. The different types of drill are electric drill, hydraulic, pneumatic, magnetic, hand percussion, stand, milling or column.

According to characteristics drill, this tool is divided into different series. Series P, Series M, Series K, Series N, Series S, Series H. They are classified in the ISO / ANSI 01, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.



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