Gestión de Compras has all the necessary means for carrying out processes of milling, drilling, turning, brushing, threading, rectifying, grinding, etc. ... as well as cutting of small parts and CNC.

Machining is an industrial process that is used in the fields of industrial machinery, automotive, etc.. Standard used materials in these processes are carbon steel, copper, stainless steel and aluminum.

In an industrial environment, this manufacturing process is not done as single operation. It is developed through a set of operations. The machining is the development of different pieces through removing of material parts... Two of the methods to remove the material are the machining and abrasion.

If the material is removed by abrasion, the machining uses the tool again and again. The material will wear in small amounts until the desired result is achieved. The tool used in this process is formed by particles of a material with a high abrasive power.

During machining through chip removal, a tool is used which comprises one or more blades. This tool performs processes roughing and finishing. During roughing the accuracy decreases, so the finishing process is used to complete the surface finish of the work-piece. In this way, the pieces have a clean and quality finishing.




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