Gestión de Compras designs, develops and manufactures a huge range of Gas Sprigns.

A gas spring is a self-contained pneumatic device that uses high pressure gas (usually nitrogen) to extend a rod through the differential area in the surface area the pressure acts upon. Their designs allow to be used in areas where it is difficult to use a conventional spring and provide direct support for safely lifting, positioning, lowering and counterbalancing weights. They offer the versatility of a wide range of forces, simple mounting, compact size and speed controlled damping.

The gas spring’s function is based on the potential energy of compressed gas which is contained in a cylinder and compressed by a piston to exert a force. When the rod is compressed into the cylinder, the internal pressure and the output force increase according to the volume displaced by the rod. On extension or compression, gas is transferred from one side of the piston to the other via a small orifice. This can be accurately metered to control either the rate of extension, compression or both.

Gas Springs Parts

Tube End Fitting

This is the mounting point of the tube side of the spring.


Inert gas (usually nitrogen) which exerts pressure causing the rod to extend.


It is a hollow steel tube, welded shut on one end filled with gas.


This part serves to guide the rod in the tube, and meters extension speed.


A small amount of oil lubricates and acts to decelerate at end of stroke.


It moves in and out of the tube providing the stroke of the gas spring.

Rod end fitting

It provides an attachment point for the rod end of the spring.

Gas springs are typically used to assist in opening lids, covers, windows, conveyors, and seats and they are used in sectors such as automotive, industrial equipment, machinery, furniture (adjustable chairs, acces doors, sofas, beds...), health care industries, agricultural equipment, ...

Gestión de Compras develops and makes any type of gas springs according customers’ specifications and according ISO 11901-1:2003.

Moreover, Gestion de Compras offers gas springs for automotive sector like BMW, Nissan, Toyota and other brands such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Audi, Mazda, Renault, etc.



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