Gestión de Compras provides different products made from sintering technique

Sintering is a heat treatment, where a compact product is produced from metal powder. The process creates a strong union between the particles, and that increases the strength and resistance of final part. The metal powder used for sintering can be ferrous or non-ferrous. The most common materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, etc.

Parts made by sintering are used in the areas of tools and industrial machinery, automotive, elevators, the armory, cutlery, etc. In all these sectors, the sintered metal parts provide objects with high porosity which act as filters, objects of refractory materials, and pieces of metal carbides, among others.

Sintering is a process involving several stages. The first step is obtaining and preparing the right metal powder. Next step is compaction. And final steps are the sintering properly speaking, and its finished.

Some of the advantages of sintering are as follows. This technique is cost-effective from the point view of energy, since it operates at a fairly low temperature. It is a quick process which allows producing parts directly on their definitive shape. Moreover, it saves material, since there are no residues (such as chips) of the metal used.



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