Steel equipment, boiler Works, and pipe fiftings

Develop all kind of boiler works elements, according to customer’s requirements. Specifically, Gestion de Compras supply water coaled equipment (EAF shell, wall panel, water cooled duct, LF roof, ...) and graphite electrodes for steel industry

Mainly industry sector and construction, require a large number of parts for boilers and pipe. These pieces are faucets, flanges, valves, among others.

Flanges are responsible for maintaining parts together two components of a single pipe or piping system. It has four parts: face, neck, wing and bolt diameter. According to the design, namely a flange is of a type or another. The most common are: blind flanges, weld neck flanges and threaded flanges. Are made primarily of carbon steel or stainless steel, and alloy steels.

The valves have the function of regulating the input and output of a fluid from one location or another of a machine, pipe or other means. Are made of brass or stainless steel, and there are several types. Diaphragm valves are non-return type. That is, the fluid may only go in one direction. The gate valve opens and closes, by a wedge placed inside. Globe valve regulates the amount of fluid.

Some tubes require several fittings such as elbows, hammer unions and the like. These accessories are based on carbon steel and stainless steel. According to the tube material (steel, cement, cast iron, stoneware ...) and needs, therefore, a supplement or another.




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