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Product ordered

Injection mould for thin-walled container with IML. Key Features: Plastic cup 450ml. Thickness 0.6 mm. Cycle 9 seconds.

Customer needs

Our client wants to improve competitiveness in the investment of such tools within an optimal level of quality through a new supplier.

Need to establish a new mould supplier for all new product developments.

Services offered / Results

Gestión de Compras, in collaboration with our represented for these projects, providing to our customer:

  • Mould and part design for approval
  • Manufacturing schedule
  • Samples for their approval
  • Mould test report completed at the factory. Dimensional pieces report
  • Full Video of mould test. Mould photos as needed
  • Complete design of mould
  • European standard spare parts

While the mould is supplied directly from the factory with IML, the customer also acquired an injection machine and a robot advised by our company, obtaining a turnkey project with an excellent result.

Unternehmen, die Vertrauen uns:


Soluciones Globales y Gestión de Compras S.L.

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