In Gestión de Compras we have a wide catalog of machinery and plastic extrusion lines.

Due to the great demand for plastic processing, our firm offers you a wide range of machinery specialized in specific products (pipes, profiles, squares, straws, spirals, etc.), with one or more cavities, in addition to compatibility with a large list of materials such as PP, PE, PVC, HDPE, HIPS, PMMA, PP-R, ABS, PA NYLON and many more.

PVC window and door profile extrusion lineCorrugated pipe extrusion line - PVC PP PE HDPE

Plastic extrusion process consists of forcing a molten material (polymer) to pass through a die, which forms a continuous profile that is cooled and solidified. Typically this process is profitable for high production volumes. One of the advantages of this process is the creation of pieces of great length and with many and diverse possibilities.

The main plastic extrusion processes are:

  • Blown film extrusion: Also called "tubular film". This process combines extrusion and blowing to produce a thin film film. It begins with the extrusion of the tube film, which is stretched towards rollers and at the same time expanded by air to a mandrel. The film to make the bags and the sheets / plates are made by this method.
  • Sheet and film extrusion: Used for extruding plastic sheets and film films that are too thick to be manufactured by the above method. The molten material is extruded through a flat die. It is then stretched through a set of chill rollers that are used to determine the thickness and texture of the surface.
  • Tubular extrusion: The molten material is extruded through a die with a mandrel, forming a hollow section.
  • Cover extrusion: This process allows the application of an outer layer of plastic on a wire or cable that exits through the center of the die.

Steel Reinforced PVC Pipe Production LinePVC and WPC Profile Extrusion Line

In Gestión de Compras we have more than twenty plastic extrusion lines, each with a purpose and with different models that allow different capacities and productions. You can check the full catalog at the top of the page. Some of our available machinery are:

  • PVC Artificial Marble Sheet Extrusion Line
  • PP strapping machine
  • PC Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
  • PVC corrugated tile extrusion line
  • PVC WPC foam board extrusion line
  • Artificial marble (PVC) profile extrusion line
  • PVC spiral flexible tube extrusion line
  • Drip irrigation pipe extrusion line

Regulations and certifications

Gestión de Compras makes sure to only work with companies that provide guarantees, which are holders of the necessary quality certificates and work according to the specific regulations of each industry. Like the ones that can be seen below:

  • ISO9001 e ISO 14001.
  • TS16949
  • ISO 8062, ISO 286-2, DIN 2768, etc.

Regulations according to extruded materials:

  • ISO 19069 for PP
  • ISO 16396 for PA
  • ISO 1622 for PS
  • ISO 2580 for ABS
  • ISO 4894 for SAN
  • ISO 7391 for PC
  • ISO 17855 for PE
  • ISO 8257 for PMMA

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 16949

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