External aid to industrial purchasing departments

External aid to industrial purchasing departments
18 de October de 2021 Sofía Sánchez

The purchasing departments of companies in the industrial manufacturing sector constitute a fundamental pillar in any company. The sector is so broad and has so many possibilities and categorization, that it is very difficult for a department to have enough knowledge to get the most out of your company, since the purchasing function is increasingly complex and requires greater professionalization.

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During the purchasing process, the heads of the department are covered by a large number of doubts throughout the procedure. The search for manufacturers of a certain type of manufacturing process is simple. The problems come when we go into the details, as if there are verifications that the manufacturers are competitive, have extensive experience and quality control. Even more doubts arise in the specifications and technical requirements determined on each project.

Due to so many details of great importance, there are many occasions in which the benefits of organizations are limited by technical-economic problems when it comes to developing industrial manufacturing projects.

External aid to industrial purchasing departments

That is why currently, many companies from all types of sectors seek to strengthen their purchasing department, which is achieved by seeking external collaboration. That is, collaborating with another company and / or specialized people with sufficient knowledge and technical experience in a defined sector to support and help improve the internal purchasing department in their new projects.

This trend has also become known as #SocialProcurement and it does not have to be an additional cost for a company. Many times, on the contrary, since the direct benefits are always greater.

The Purchasing Department should always be one of the priorities in the organization’s gear, so any technical help oriented to results is not trivial.

Some of the benefits that companies obtain with the external aid to industrial purchasing departments

  • Technical support in the development of new manufacturing projects.
  • Cost savings.
  • Increase in production capacity through our suppliers.
  • More specialized knowledge of a specific manufacturing sector through new sources of supply.

Our company

In Gestión de Compras, we respond to these needs for many companies. We work with a wide variety of manufacturing processes, which are better adapted to the needs of each client in each of their specific projects; such as casting (sand casting, lost wax casting, die casting or gravity casting), sheet metal forming (stamping, water, laser and plasma cutting, drawing, flame cutting, progressive die stamping or folding).

And other like forming of tubes and profiles (aluminum extrusion, aluminum profiles, direct extrusion, bending and calibrating tubes), forging (hot, cold and large dimensions), machining (EDM, milling, turning, drilling, metal bushings and threading), plastic parts (blow molding, injection, rotation or thermoforming; plastic extrusion, molds, dies and machinery specialized in the treatment of plastic) or rubber and rubber-metal (compression-transfer molding, injection rubber and rubber-metal and rubber extrusion).

Through our network of qualified suppliers with experience focused on a type of product / sector within a manufacturing process, together with our daily work in design, development and execution of industrial manufacturing projects; It has allowed many of our clients to improve their acquisition costs while ensuring optimal quality levels.


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