New technologies in the industrial world

New technologies in the industrial world
2 de June de 2021 Sofía Sánchez

Industrial technology continues to advance. Industries are constantly adapting technological processes in order to achieve greater productivity, organization and control.

That is why many of them have implemented these new technologies in their factories:

From IoT to AIoT

IoT (Internet Of Things) during the last decade has facilitated in many production plants the analysis of data through devices and sensors connected to the network. As well as the possibility of generating alarms and even initiating protocols automatically to correct or treat such alarms. The novelty comes after the combination of AI and IoT technology, which will allow better control, automation and monitoring of production processes. Thus avoiding possible breakdowns or production stoppages and saving a great deal of time, money and resources.

5G in industrial processes

For IoT standardization to be possible it will have to be coupled with new 5G technology, designed to improve connectivity, speed and performance.

What benefits will it bring to industrial processes?

It will be applied mainly in intelligent machines, capable of operating without human assistance, magnifying industrial technology.

They will be able to respond in real time to data, thus simplifying processes, predicting failures and taking preventive measures to reduce associated costs.

 IoT Solution Optimizer and Virtual Commissioning.

T-Systems has the solution that will transform the industrial sector known as Industry 4.0. It is IoT Solution Optimizer and Virtual Commissioning allowing an increased reality in production chains, shortening and streamlining industrial activity.

It is an online tool that performs technical consulting and services to determine IoT solutions adapted to the needs of the company and optimizing the configuration and performance. In this way it is possible to avoid stoppages or delays in production due to errors in automated systems. In addition to ensuring the proper functioning of all production systems before the start of production.



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