Our new PVC hot runner system technology

Our new PVC hot runner system technology
3 de August de 2023 Sofía Sánchez

The application of PVC hot runner system in PVC pipe fitting mold is an effective way to save production cost and improve production efficiency.

However, the thermal sensitivity and flow characteristics of PVC have become the biggest difficulty in using this hot runner system. In Gestión de Compras we have more than 20 years of experience with this type of systems, so we have encountered this problem on many occasions. However, we have studied, designed and developed technologies that allow us to work with the hot runner system with PVC, solving the problems that this system entails.



Industrial PVC hot runner system projects developed by Gestión de Compras.

Main advances of our PVC Hot Runner System

  1. Unique trough design ensures smooth flow of PVC melt in a closed trough with no sharp corner changes, ensuring that the melt is first in, first out.
  2. Preferred hot runner manifold material and runner surface treatment technology reduce the adhesion of PVC melt in the runner.
  3. The nozzle with special structure is suitable for different product injection molding conditions.
  4. The precise intelligent temperature control system ensures that the hot runner operates in a safe range, reducing combustion loss and runner blockage caused by incorrect manual operation.

Other features of our technology in single channel design

  • Smooth flow of the PVC melt in a closed channel without sudden changes at the corners.
  • Ensuring that the melt is first in, first out.


Canal cerrado sistema caliente


  • Material of hot runner and manifold: DIN1.2316 Anti-corrosion.
  • Inner surface treatment of trough and nozzle: Higher gloss (Ra<0.05μm) or Teflon treatment when using different PVC formulation.


Superficie canal único PVC


  • The special nozzle structure is suitable for different injection molding conditions. Hot nozzle without needle valve, hot nozzle with different lengths for various products or hot nozzle with needle valve for large diameter fittings.


Boquillas moldes canal PVC

  • Intelligent temperature control system: Reduce burning loss and channel blockage caused by incorrect manual operation.
  • Precision temperature control with a range of ±0.5° C.
  • Intelligent detection of duration and temperature based on mold operation.
  • Special setting regulations during mold start and stop operation.
  • Temperature control strategy during troubleshooting to ensure safe use of the hot runner
  • 1-8 optional control points for various applications

control de temperatura canal caliente

Hot runner component manufacturing

The key to manufacturing hot runner components is precise manufacturing equipment. A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) consisting of high-precision machine tools from brands such as Makino, Mazak, Sodick and Agie guarantees the processing quality of each part. At Gestión de Compras we ensure the quality of each of our projects.


Fábrica sistemas de canal caliente


Our technical background

  • More than 20 years of professional experience and expert team in the field of PVC fittings molds.
  • With more than 200 sets of PVC hot runner design, manufacture and application experience.
  • Extensive manufacturing, production and design capabilities.
  • Quality control and testing equipment.


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