The great versatility in plastic extrusion

The great versatility in plastic extrusion
16 de February de 2022 Sofía Sánchez

Plastic extrusion is one of the most widespread processes in the industry, due to the immense possibilities of manufacturing products in various applications. As such, there is a wide variety of machinery for the extrusion of this material.

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The plastic extrusion procedure is, in general, the same for all products, normally varying in relation to shape, thickness, etc. The process itself consists of adding plastic pellets in a hopper, which pass through the feed screw. These “scales” are heated through some resistances that are in the line of the machinery, until the state of fusion. After this step, the raw material is forced to pass through a head. This gives the desired shape to the piece we produce. We cool this extruded material in a water tank and then cut it into the desired size or length.

In Gestión de Compras we have a wide variety of extrusion lines, intended for the manufacture of very diverse products, with small or wide diameters, rigid or flexible, monolayer or multilayer, smooth or corrugated surface, etc. From tubes, profiles, panels, reinforced tubes,… In a wide variety of materials: PP, PE, HDPE, Nylon, WPC, PVC, PPR, etc. You can consult the complete catalog of Purchasing Management extrusion lines and ask us about your personal project to help you with your problem.

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In addition to being a widely used process due to its great versatility and the possibility of large productions, another advantage of plastic extrusion is its enormous applications. We use tubes, profiles and other extruded products in sectors such as medicine, construction, ducts, agriculture, petrochemicals, drainage, electricity, livestock, supply, automotive, telecommunications, etc.


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