About Us

Gestión de Compras is a company formed by purchasing, quality and manufacturing experts, created in response to many companie’s need to improve their negotiation processes and purchasing terms in keeping with the current market demands.

Thanks to our experience in international sourcing and industrial project development, coupled with the power of new technologies, our clients have been able to access the most competitive markets to acquire strategic products.

Why GC?

An adequate focus on a company’s purchasing strategies is today more important than ever to ensure that the products and/or services it provides are competitive. Purchasing costs account for a significant percentage of any company's total operational expenses, and any type of optimization in purchasing exponentially improves its ability to compete.

The purchasing process is increasingly complex and requires greater expertise. Gestión de Compras offers you:

Reduced purchasing costs

A primary objective for any company seeking to increase its competivity is cutting back on costs associated with purchasing goods and products.

Network of qualified suppliers

Selecting the ideal supplier is the result of a careful analysis of each project, which is why we offer you our experience as well as a network of qualified suppliers assisted by our technical team in the field.

Better use of the human resources in your Purchasing Department

Generally, not enough time is spent in negotiation and acquisition of strategic products, whereas non-critical products and services take up too much time. This results in reduced performance in the Purchasing Department, which in turn affects the productivity of the entire company.

Quality enhancement

The quality of the final product depends in large measure on the selection of the right suppliers and the implementation of quality requirements in keeping with each company’s needs.

New market research

In many cases, the results of selecting an ideal supplier are short lived due to a market in constant flux and an increasingly globalized economy. These pressures force many companies to be constantly searching for other suppliers for their strategic products and services.

Companies that trust in us:


Soluciones Globales y Gestión de Compras S.L.

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