Feasibility study

Based on the client’s needs, we analyse the basic project parameters to determine the feasibility of the international purchasing process.

Basic project parameters:

  • Logistical: batches, frequency of deliveries, weight/volume, freight costs, etc.
  • Customs/Legal: customs duty, import restrictions, tariff preferences, etc.
  • Production: technical and productive means, production capacity, certifications and quality standards, etc.

Source selection process

Thanks to its extensive experience, Gestión de Compras has developed a vast and continually expanding network of qualified suppliers.

In order to be part of our network, suppliers must complete an approval process based on an audit of their factory, including quality, environment and social accountability requirements (health and safety, no child labour, working hours, compensation, etc).

Gestión de Compras classifies suppliers and keeps their profile current.

Terms negotiation

Negotiations are based on the conditions specified by the client, and the ultimate selection of a supplier will depend on the negotiated terms.

Every negotiation must take into account various key technical, financial and logistical issues to produce the quote that best aligns itself with the customer’s needs.

Order tracing through manufacturing, quality and logistics

Our specialised professionals in the field work closely with the manufacturer’s production and quality departments to develop manufacturing and quality control strategies.

Gestión de Compras traces the order through each stage to make sure that the established delivery dates and quality standards are met.

Continued support. Supplier relations management

Gestión de Compras offers continued support by offering the following value-added services:

  • After sales dealings with the manufacturer
  • Assistance on visits to suppliers
  • Improvement of terms
  • Order scheduling
  • Contract negotiations
  • Analysis and development of new projects


Assessment of technical requirements

Translation and modification of the client-supplied drawings, specifications and other technical details to comply with the source country’s regulations.

Assessment of supply conditions

The established relationships we have with a network of suppliers allow us to offer the best supply conditions in each market.

Selection of the ideal supplier

Price quote

According to the client’s requirements. If they cannot be met satisfactorily other possibilities are presented.

Preliminary order

Provisional until the client accepts the samples.

Samples are sent for approval

Confirmation of preliminary order

Production and inspection


Documentation sent to the client

Dispatch and delivery

Companies that trust in us:


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