Green House and Hydroponic Systems

Green House and Hydroponic Systems

Gestión De Compras we are specialized on greenhouse products and hydroponic system for growing plants and vegetables in a nutrient solution.

In Gestión De Compras we are specialized on greenhouse products and hydroponic system for growing plants and vegetables in a nutrient solution. Whether it is large-scale greenhouse cultivation or small pre-project testing; whether you are going to grow flowers, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables; we can supply the appropriate products. We offer you the most suitable solution according to your request.


Hydroponic system

Hydroponic system is a wide extended method of growing on commercial hydroponic greenhouses. The method consists of made growing plants without the necessity of soil, exposing their roots in mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. These nutrients for hydroponic crops can come from an array of different sources, organics and inorganics.
We provide different systems to carry out this method as well as all the accessories and related products. The most used designs range from NFT hydroponics gully to DFT hydroponics system. Including other simpler and cheaper alternatives as PP trough grow system, individual plots system, etc.



NFT Hydroponics gully and gully accessories

We are a professional supplier of Nutrient Film Technology hydroponics system (also known as NFT system). We are able to supply either vertical NFT designs as much as horizontal NFT models, including all the related equipment and accessories.
This product Nutrient Film Technique is one of the most employed systems, mainly used in crops that demands high quantity of nutritive or that have long cycles of growing (tomatoes, melon, etc.)
The NFT hydroponic system works with very shallow nutrient solution running slowly downward through the growing tubes (interrupted or uninterrupted). This system has different parts: container to hold the backup of nutrient solution, the pump which recirculates the solution, the tubing to distribute water and the most important, growing tubes for the plants to grow in. The growing tubes are made usually in PVC material; for us it is therefore essential that the gully is well designed and durable.

DFT hydroponics system and accessories

The Deep Flow Technique (also known as DFT system), is a floating system in which the plants are placed in sheets and the nutrient solution is circulated around the roots either by gravity or using a pump. This system does not need aeration.
This system is mainly using in big and medium crops due to the high capacity of production in greenhouses and it is focused on leaf cultivation and aromatic plants.
This system is compound by a frame, the polyurethane sheets for the plants, a plastic film, and the impeller plumb. Also in some projects a poly-foam sheet can be used to improve the rooted of the plants.


Polypropylene trough grow system

We provide this trough in a wide variety of widths, wall heights and thicknesses, as well as custom dimensions. Also we can find the supports and fitting parts related with these troughs.
The channels are used to content the nutrient solution while the roots may be supported by an inert medium, such as perlite, gravel, vermiculite, coir peat or inclusive polystyrene packing peanuts. The inert subtract is inside sacs, bags, pots where the plants grow up. The nutrients are taken directly by roots directly from the trough that always must have solution.



Polypropylene roll for hydroponic system (PP Gutter)

The PP gutter can be used in hydroponic systems but also are stretched out in soil channels. Our company has years of experience in the production and distribution of high-quality polypropylene homo-polymer resin rolls (PP gutter). The rolls could be supplied folded or unfolded depending on customer demands and all the measures, thickness and even the material properties can be modified according the final usage of the roll.

Propagation and carrying trays and pots

We can provide propagation and carrying trays, a wide range of trays for hydroponics or general horticultural use.
They are mainly used for starting your seeds or hold your clones while rooting. The purpose of these trays is to create as natural a root system as possible whilst reaping the benefits of a containerized system.

Its possible customize them in different quantities of cells, ranging from a dozen up to near of five hundred.

Accessories for Hydroponics (Pipes, pipe fittings and plumb)

In Gestión de Compras we have the facilities to supply all the fittings that could be needed in the installation of your hydroponic system: PVC/plastic tubes, fittings, plumbs…

Grow bag / Nursery bag

These bags are mainly used in individual and DFT hydroponic systems. Our bags include White bags and 3-layer black and white bags made with high-strength polymers and UV protection.

Related products

Greenhouse film

Our 3-layer UV-stabilized Greenhouse films, made in polycarbonate or polyethylene, offer control weather from light, temperature and humidity. Providing a higher crop yield, earlier harvesting, and better quality of crops. Our greenhouse films guarantee the control of the thermic and cooling effect, the anti-dripping and anti-fogging protection and photo selective effect.

Our product is available for all the designs of greenhouse: Gothic multi-span greenhouse, saw-tooth greenhouse, butterfly greenhouse, polycarbonate greenhouse.


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