Solar energy

Solar energy

Gestión de Compras has a wide range of products in the photovoltaic sector. We supply solar panels, mounting structures, as well as microinverters.

Components for photovoltaic systems

The photovoltaic sector has undergone great progress since its beginnings. Today, photovoltaic components have become standardized in our society and are part of many aspects of our daily lives, present in an increasing number of installations. Industry, automotive, leisure and work centers, home… are some of them. For this reason, from Gestión de Compras we offer our customers various photovoltaic components. For specific information on each product, please contact us.

paneles solares

Solar panels

The main component is the photovoltaic modules, more commonly known as solar panels. Photovoltaic modules produce energy through the photovoltaic cells or cells of which they are composed. There are two types: monocrystalline, with sections of a single silicon crystal, and polycrystalline, with small crystallized particles.



Choosing the right microinverters is one of the most important decisions when it comes to your solar energy system. Our microinverters feature the most advanced technology on the market, which means higher efficiency, greater reliability and unmatched system intelligence.

Sistema de montaje solar

Solar Mounting System

The mounting systems for solar panels include a set of elements and specific products to fix the solar panels on the roof, a metal roof surface or on sandwich panels, in order to achieve the most optimal mounting, with higher quality and functionality. In Gestión de Compras we have panel supports, inclined supports, clamps, terminals, mounting kit, etc, depending on the surface and purpose.