Gestión de Compras have means of production to produce industrial parts by cold and hot forging. These parts produced by forging are usual on fields like industrial machinery, automotive, telecommunications and electrical appliances.


Forging is surely the oldest known metalworking method. It can be called hot or cold forging by whether the metal temperature is above or below the recrystallization temperature.

It is a process where the professional models or deforms in a controlled manner the material to achieve the desired shape through compressive forces, intermittently or continuously. For this reason, requires two types of tools: presses and hammers. Presses can be mechanical and hydraulic. The hammers work by gravity drop or fall on.

Forged products and materials

Forged products have specific characteristics. Forging makes possible the production of large quantities of identical products, and obtained parts have good mechanical properties, like good corrosion and fatigue resistance, and high toughness and ductility. Based on costs and required means of production, forging is a suitable option for making a large number of pieces. Furthermore, after processing, the surfaces need further treatment. The design is not free; it has its limitations, so it is not able to be used for all kind of parts.

It can be applied on materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper or titanium.

Like typical forged items we can mention screws and bolts, fixings and hardware in general, metal inserts, flanges, connecting rods, crankshafts, axles, etc.


Forging Catalog