Cold forging

Cold forging

Gestión de Compras designs, develops and manufactures a huge range of pieces for cold forging.


proceso de forja en frío

Cold forging is a metal forming process where a slug or blank is deformed at room temperature. Cold forged parts can be produced using one or more single station vertical mechanical or hydraulic presses, or automated multi-station cold forming machines where the pre-formed part is transferred from one station to the next at high speed with each station performing a specific cold forming process.

The cold forming processes do not cause any structural changes to the metal which maintains all its original mechanical and tensile characteristics. Cold forging is a very cost effective metal forming method for mass produced parts with respect to other forging methods.

Cold forging is an ideal option for those manufacturers who have a high-level demand on precision. Automobile manufacturers are the most typical consumers of cold forging product, and cold forging industry has been progressing with the prosperity of automobile industry.

Cold Forging Advantages (Vs hot forging)

  • High productivity
  • Increased dimensional control
  • Cost effective
  • Improvement of mechanical properties
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy and surface quality
  • Eco-friendly

Production of cold forging

Purchasing Management we are able to support in component development and process planning through die fabrication and implementation of systems for efficient production. We are professionals in a wide range of production of cold forgings. In every new development we adapt to customer needs for a product with the best quality.

Our experience in this sector includes the manufacture of parts made by cold and hot forging, both standard products and developments drawings.

Materials and products

There are many materials suitable for cold forging process as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, brass, titanium, bronze…

We have exclusive productive means for forging all kinds of metals, with capacity to produce parts on a wide range of sizes and shapes for various applications in industry (electronics, appliances, hardware, machinery, plumbing, telecommunications, automotive (pine nuts, solenoids, pistons, rods, seat parts, alternators, valves, anti-vibration parts, racks, etc.)





Our factories have the most demanding certifications for customers to ensure product quality

  • ISO 9001,
  • TS 16949
  • ISO 14001.