Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Gestion de Compras supplies a wide range of items for assembly, installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems control the temperature, humidity and quality of air in buildings to a set of chosen conditions. To achieve this, the systems need to transfer heat and moisture into and out of the air as well as control the level of air pollutants, either by directly removing them or by diluting them to acceptable levels.

Moreover, heating, ventilation and air conditioning can account for the majority of money spent by an organization on energy. Even small adjustments to these systems can significantly improve the working environment and at the same time, save money.

The purpose of an HVAC system is to provide the heating, cooling and ventilation requirements of a building over a range of ambient conditions specific to the building location. A system must be designed to cope with the maximum value of each of these requirements. The degree to which an HVAC system fails to match the requirements and overheats overcools or over ventilates the building space determines the amount of energy being wasted.


Central HVAC systems

Provide a conditioned air supply through a ducting distribution system to control the interior environment of a building. These systems can be from simple and suitable for smaller users to complex and suitable for increased demand as in the case of buildings

Unitary systems for heating and cooling

Employ a packaged local air handling unit in each room or zone. Energy for heating and cooling is distributed to the packaged units in form of hot water, chilled water or electric power

Induction systems

Are a combination of central and unitary system. Air is cooled once at a central plant and then conveyed to individual units. The fresh air flow rate and the thermal capacity are selected independently depending on the specific requirements. So, these systems are particularly energy-efficient. These systems are found in high rise office buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories…

Gestion de Compras offers copper tubes and copper Coils (EN 12735-1), insulated copper tubes, copper fittings and brass fittings, valves and flanges, A/C brackets, welding, folding, PVC floor supports, antivibration and dampers, drain pipes, pre-installation boxes, covering ducts, air diffusers, grills, Eolic extractors, flexible ducts, duct hardware and fittings, duct fans and actuators, fixing systems, condensate pumps, manifolds, refrigerants HFCs…


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