CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Gestión de Compras has the necessary production resources for the manufacturing of machined parts in different materials and finishes. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to projects of different size and complexity.

Process of machining

CNC machining offers an excellent combination of precision, speed and flexibility making it a perfect solution in the manufacture of various products. Through machining operations such as milling, cutting, turning, broaching, drilling and tapping as well as abrasive machining, Gestión de Compras combines precision with efficiency to ensure that the final product meets our customers’ requirements.


In addition to the machining process, we have additional services such as surface treatments (shot blasting, painting, anodizing, cleaning, deburring, heat treatments, plating, mirror polishing, zinc coating, zinc-nickel, black zinc, etc.) and auxiliary processes of component assembly or welding.


Our control system ensures an excellent level of quality in all our products thanks to artificial vision inspection equipment, projectors, weigh control and roughness meters as well as the use of automatic measurement and verification equipment. This allows us to meet the most demanding expectations and ensure quality in every product we deliver.

Materials and products

Most metals, whether ferrous or non-ferrous, can be used to produce machined parts. Although it is also possible to machine materials of different nature, such as polymers or some ceramics. But the materials most commonly used in these operations are carbon steels, copper, stainless steels and aluminum.

The parts produced by machining processes are very important in industrial machinery and production applications, automotive, telecommunications and other electrical and electronic components. Other industries we serve are: hydraulics, medical-sanitary, construction, warehousing, etc. Some examples of products are: threaded rods, weights, bushings, shafts, screws, pins, nuts, rollers, pulleys, gears, plastic injection molds, cutting dies, forging dies, tooling, sintering dies, etc.


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