Foam food packaging

Foam food packaging

In Gestión de Compras we have a wide variety of products for packaging in the food industry. With a wide variety of shapes and materials, such as extruded polypropylene, natural fiber, polypropylene or extruded polystyrene.

Types of foam food packaging

XPP Products (Extruded polysyrene)

productos XPP

We have trays with different shapes, sizes and finishes; depending on the customer’s need.

ECO Products (Natural fiber)

Gestión de Compras offers a recent variety of food packaging made from natural fiber, becoming the most ecological line of our selection. We have trays, bowls, plates and containers.

XPS Products (Extruded polystyrene)

productos XPS

We have a wide range of absorbent containers for catering, fast food and take away food. Products made from XPS or “extruded polystyrene”. In a wide variety of shapes, finishes, colors and sizes.

PP Products (Polypropylene)

productos PP

Gestión de Compras has a wide range of non-absorbent polypropylene trays suitable for microwaves that are ideal for packaging prepared meals, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and bakery products.