Safety road

Safety road

Gestión de Compras supplies all kinds of products for road safety such as signs, light signaling or beacons.

As with any traffic control device, a traffic sign should meet five basic requirements, namely: fulfill a need, command attention, convey a clear, simple meaning, command respect from road users and give adequate time for proper response.

Traffic signs types

According with their functions there are eight classes of signs: danger warning signs, priority signs, prohibitory or restrictive signs, mandatory signs, special regulation signs, information / facilities or service signs, direction, position, or indication signs and additional panels.

According with their placements we can find three classes: Horizontal traffic signs, vertical traffic signs and road closures.

Horizontal traffic signs

They are the signaling elements located on the surface of road. They are a complement to the vertical signaling and their main function is to guide the traffic. A special kind of horizontal signs are speed humps, cable protectors, wheel stoppers, corner protectors, delineators, …

Vertical traffic signs

This type of signaling is the most important and takes precedence over the horizontal. This group is formed by warning signs, regulatory signs and informative signs. Traffic lights and mirrors are considered into this group also.

Road closures

They are elements whose purpose is to restrict the passage of vehicles by certain area or to guide. Fundamentally, they are classified as barriers, beacons, landmarks and cones.

Gestión de Compras is specialized in safety road and personal protection products, such as traffic cones, warning triangles, road switches, speed humps, cable protectors, road studs, warning lamps, solar signs, billboards, anti-dazzling boards, safety fencing, warning bands, alarm lights, traffic signal trailers, collision avoidance barrels, safety vests, caution boards, road signs, solar energy designation strips, traffic signal lamps, rubber warning columns, traffic barriers, collision avoidance barrels, car parking locks, corner protectors, solar streetlights, …