Gestión de Compras has cooled equipment and equipment for steel mills. It has a wide range of refrigerated equipment, flues, panels, etc

Gestión de Compras makes these elements from materials such as steel and copper. Each of these equipment passes strict quality control, so you have quality certificates and approval of each of the processes in which consists their manufacture.

The refrigerated equipment and equipment for steelworks available are:

  • Vault 175T EAF for EAF. Its specification is 30T ~ 220T. Frame consists of upper and lower EBT cover and cleanout door. The panels are made of steel and copper.
  • EAF roof vault. The specification is ~ 30T 220T. It consists of elbow, shell, roof and center loop.
  • Steel and copper panels for EAF roof.
  • Duct cooled EAF body composed of the duct and cover. Follow 30T ~ 220T specification.
  • Vault LF. Its specification is 30T ~ 300T. It consists of roof deck and loop. They have two types of roofs. The roof iron 300T Maanshan Steel LF or LF 300T Baosteel roof.
  • VOD / VD / RH. Follow 30T ~ 220T specification. 120T cover features VOD, vacuum tank, the vacuum tank wagon, line shaft, cooling system, compressed air system.
  • Ducts for refining furnace cooled. Its specification is 30T ~ 300T. It consists of skit, mobile cover, fireplace, inspection cover, oxygen lance and flow hopper.
  • Launch of oxygen and EAF burner. Its application is 40T ~ 300T EAF. Suitable for Natural Gas fuel or fuel-oil.
  • Other equipment: slag runner, cooling plate, grip nozzle cooling column.
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