Metal to plastic shelving: upgrade and improvement


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Gestión de Compras received a request from a customer who has several shelf designs in sheet metal.

As in many other cases, this customer needs to update and improve the existing metal designs of these parts in order to convert them to plastic, validate prototypes and develop plastic injection molds for mass production. For the customer, it is key that the parts are able to withstand high weights.


Our offer includes the updating and improvement of designs. The allocation of materials, prototypes in 3D printing, design, development and manufacture of plastic injection molds and injection of serial production.

Final product specifications

PP+GF as raw material for the final product, increasing the load bearing of the parts. Redesign of the product with new design. Product thickness between 2.5-3.0mm. Positioning of ribs on the perimeter to improve the robustness of the product.

Mold specifications

1.1730 Cavity: 1.2312 HRC28~34. Hot runner mold, with a life cycle for 100.000 injections for the annual volume of parts requested.

Project Summary

FIRST PHASE – Study of the project and attention to the customer’s requirements. Offer.

SECOND PHASE – Order confirmation. Development of new designs and simulation with new material to ensure the needs.

THIRD PHASE – 3D printing of prototypes and carrying out the relevant tests.

FOURTH PHASE – Design, development and manufacture of plastic injection molds.

FIFTH PHASE – Approval of samples and mass production according to customer needs.



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