Automotive sector stamping parts

Stamping parts. Automotive electrical sector


Gestión de Compras receives a request for the development and industrialization of a family of components belonging to the energy storage system of a plug-in electric vehicle designed and produced by the customer with its own technology. Specifically it is a heat sink, base and connections made of aluminum and a base plate made of Cu 99% suitable for a subsequent process of automated laser welding.


OFFER –Tooling development study, definition of production processes and subsequent cost optimization.

The customer accepts the technical and economic proposal.

PROJECT PROCUREMENT – Gestión de Compras is nominated for the development of tooling and subsequent production of representative prototypes to validate the suitability of the materials selected by the customer.


Development of progressive stamping dies, pre-series production and mass production of various components of a PEV energy storage system.

Froduction factors

Development of initial designs of customer proprietary products, updates according to the functional needs of the final product and delivery according to customer orders and schedules.

Parts must be delivered clean and free of burrs, bumps and scratches, so special production and handling instructions and proper product packaging for long distance transportation are essential.

Flexibility and ability to meet delivery dates is required.



Progressive tooling development, including design updates for final product improvement. Production and delivery of orders according to schedules and under the requested technical supply conditions.
Total products: 7 components (2 heat sinks, 4 aluminum plates and 1 copper 99%Cu plate).

Project summary

FIRST STAGE – Production of pre-series for the validation of the final product assembly process by the customer.

SECOND STAGE – Production of the first batch destined for mass production.

THIRD STAGE – Partial modification of stamping dies due to design changes in various components to optimize the final product.

FOURTH STAGE – Periodic production and delivery of the various components according to the customer’s vehicle production needs.

FIFTH STAGE – Development of a heat sink variant using interchangeable elements from the existing pre-stamping die. Pre-series production and homologation.

SIXTH STAGE – Periodic production and delivery of components and their variants according to the customer’s vehicle production needs.

Flexibility in the face of urgent needs.

High capacity for programmed needs.

Conditioning of goods for air or sea transport.