Stamping parts

Stamping parts


Gestión de Compras receives a request for quotation for 4 pieces, one in carbon steel and three in stainless steel with barrel finish. They are intended for the furniture sector. We are asked to bid for three different lots of each part for their production and supply valuation. In total, this project consisted of 40,000 pieces and 3 tools.

Quotation: The customer accepts the quotation and requests a price update for the carbon steel part including 5-7um zinc plating.

Project Acquisition: We confirm order for the larger lot offer, even doubling quantity on one of the parts.


Development of tooling and pre-series production for parts homologation and mass production.


Improved anchorage for the bolt.



Study of the problem and rectification/adjustment of the tooling to solve the bolt jump.


Development of tooling, improvement of part design for correct fit and assembly. Homologation and mass production.

Project summary


1st PHASE – The customer confirms tolerances and dimensions that were not indicated in the drawing and that the factory proposes for the correct manufacture of the parts.

2nd PHASE – Development of progressive tooling, manufacture of batch of samples for shipment and approval.

3rd PHASE Dimensionally and superficially correct samples. The customer detects a part design problem in the assembly that hinders the assembly. The customer explains the problem to improve the result.

4th PHASE – The problem is studied, we make adjustments in tooling correcting the critical dimensions that caused the problem and rectify the design for proper assembly..

5th PHASE – Manufacturing and sending of new samples for the approval of the improvement in design and correct assembly..

6th PHASE – The customer confirms that the fastening problem is solved.

7th PHASE – Complete homologation of the parts both dimensionally/surface wise and in the realization of the assembly in the assembly set. Updated drawings with modifications are sent to the customer for approval.  Mass production is confirmed.

8th PHASE – Completion of production and dispatch of dimensional tests, material certificates and production documentation.

9th PHASE – Packing according to customer’s instructions and requirements. Shipment of goods by sea.


This case stands out for the repeated revisions of the part by the factory until finally the customer was satisfied with the final result. In Gestión de Compras we work for the security and confidence of our customers, treating each project individually with all the attention in order to satisfy the customer’s needs.

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