Gestión de Compras has the necessary means to serve all types of customers within the automotive sector, supplying a wide range of products.


Gestión de Compras is a company specialized in the supply of metal components for the automotive industry for more than fifteen years. We have a wide range of stamping, forging and machining equipment that allows us to manufacture different types of inserts and bushings for anti-vibration elements for vehicle steering and suspension systems.



We also have other technologies such as plastic injection molding, extrusion, cold deformation and aluminum injection that allow us to offer our customers a wide variety of solutions for the manufacture of automotive mechanical components.

The complexity and demands of the automotive industry constantly present challenges to the companies involved in the different levels of the automotive component manufacturing chain.

Our experience allows us to select the right technology and collaborate with our customers in the development of each project to ensure a final product with maximum guarantees.

Control arms, suspension, anti-vibration parts, steering system, shock absorbers, bushings, panels, linings, consoles, bushings, sleeves, inserts, bumpers, handles, ventilation, piping, housings, valves… These are some of the components that Gestión de Compras develops and manufactures in the sector.


  • Passenger Cars
  • Industrial Vehicle
  • Railroad
  • Household appliances
  • Capital goods
  • Agricultural machinery


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