Eco-friendly food packaging

Eco-friendly food packaging

At Gestión de Compras we have a wide variety of eco-friendly food packaging. Made from sugar cane (pulp/fiber).

Sugarcane packaging

The raw material for our organic sugar cane packaging is bagasse. Bagasse is a by-product of sugarcane production, which is harvested and manufactured in Asia. After extracting the juice from the sugar canes, the leftover material is collected and turned into pulp. With the addition of water, the pulp becomes a paste. This paste can then be pressed into any desired shape, creating plates, bowls, lids, etc. From hamburger boxes to trays or plates with compartments, bowls or glasses.

Characteristics of eco-friendly food packaging

Our take-away containers are healthy, non-toxic, resistant to humidity, grease and resist up to 100ºC to water and 120ºC to oil, without leaks. Biodegradable, microwave and freezer safe. They do not contain any binder, liner, adhesive, laminate or coating.

All of these containers are compostable, a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic containers; made with natural raw materials, certified by the EN-13432 standard. This European standard ensures that products will fully biodegrade within 9-12 weeks or less in an industrial composting facility.

If you are interested in these products, you can consult the complete catalog with our references at the top or contact us directly.


Available Eco-friendly packaging

Food Packaging 15

Take-away trays

platos biodegradables

Tays and plates

bols biodegradables


vasos biodegradables


bandejas biodegradables

Plates and trays witch compartments