Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel

Gestión de Compras supplies carbon steel bars and profiles, seamless and welded pipes and wires. Also, Gestion de Compras provides coils and plates cold and hot rolled as well as galvanized.

Carbon Steel

The carbon steel is a steel type whose main component is carbon, but it also consists of other elements such as iron and magnesium. Steel is generally regulated by the UNE-EN 10020:2001. For structural steels, such as carbon steel, are current European standards EN-10025-2: 2004 and EN-10025-4: 2004.

This type of steel has three main properties.

· Maleable

means it can take any shape after it has been treated at elevated temperatures

· High strength

It features high strength, low alloy steel. That is, as the carbon content, the steel having a higher or lower strength.

· High levels of magnaseno

A high content of this component enables, after a heat-treatment process can be used for the production of axles, and other tools or parts.


There are several manufacturing processes for carbon steel. The first is rolled at high temperatures, achieving thicknesses of 1.2 mm. To prevent corrosion, apply subsequent treatments such as immersion in zinc or several specific paint strokes. Cold rolled steel thickness from 0.3 mm get to 3mm. It has a better surface finish but also should be treated subsequently.

After the corresponding manufacturing and processing, you get the material for the production of drawn parts, bushings, pins, vehicle parts, machinery, spades, hammers and axes, among many other possibilities.

Some material designations:

  • 1.0401 – F1110 – C15 – AISI/SAE 1015
  • 1.1158 – F1120 – C25 – AISI/SAE 1026
  • 1.1178 – F1130 – C30 – AISI/SAE1030
  • 1.1191- F1140- C45- AISI/SAE 1045
  • 1.1206 – F1150- C50- AISI / SAE 1055
  • 1.0604 – C60 – AISI/SAE 1060
  • 1.0045 – AE355- St32 – SAE 1024
  • 1.0037 – S235JR- St37-2
  • 1.0044 – S275JR – St-44-2
  • 1.0060 – E355 – St60-2


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