Gestion de Compras has the necessary means of production to supply cooper bars, rods, pipes and flat products.


Copper (Cu) is a transition metal. Its appearance is very characteristic and easily recognizable: it has a reddish color and a metallic sheen.

The properties of this metal are very much appreciated. Copper is abundant in nature and very easy to recycle. Thus, metal copper is a very low cost. Enduring corrosion and oxidation, is a highly resistant metal. Its electrical and thermal conductivity is optimal. Finally, it is an extremely malleable as it is a soft elastic metal.

To improve its mechanical properties, alloys are made from other materials. The main alloys are made of brass, bronze or nickel silver. But there are other alloys with very good results. For example, For example, copper-cadmium (Cu-Cd), copper-chromium (Cu-Cr), copper-iron-phosphorus (Cu-Fe-P), copper-aluminum (Cu-Al).


Both in its pure form as in the previous alloys, copper has multiple uses.

In the field of electricity and telecommunications is a very demanded by their good electrical conductivity.Electric cables, generators, wireless Internet and telephony, fiber optic or engines

In the automotive and other transportation also present. Radiators and car and truck brakes, railway construction and boat parts

In building copper is used for electrical installations and water, facades, windows and doors. Finally, copper is also used to carry out industrial processes and creating tools.