Electricity and Electronics

Gestión de Compras has a wide range of products on fields like electricity and electronics. It offers general products such as cables, pumps and other electronic components. It also has specific products such as photovoltaic modules.

Electricity and electronics are a wide field and present in almost all sectors that are used in everyday life. Industry, automotive, leisure and work, sports, home... For this reason, the demand for parts, tools and other components of electricity and electronics is very high.

Cables, one of the elements that are associated with the idea of ​​electricity and electronics, are responsible for conducting electricity. They are made ​​of materials such as copper, aluminum or Almelec (result of the binding of aluminum and magnesium), and coated with other materials whose function is to isolate or protect. These materials can be insulators and protective PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), PE (Polyethylene), PCP (Polychloroprene) or EPR (ethylene and propylene).

Generators are also very common devices in electronics and electricity. These devices maintain an electrical potential difference between two points, and transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Other components of this field are the photovoltaic modules, more commonly known as solar panels. The photovoltaic modules produce energy through photovoltaic cellules or cells. There are two types: monocrystalline, with sections of a single crystal silicon and polycrystalline, with small crystallized particles.



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