Welded carbon steel tubes and pipes

Welded carbon steel tubes and pipes

Gestión de Compras have the means to get welded steel tubes in a wide range of sizes and thickness, supplying in all carbon steel and alloys to different sectors….


We are able to produce and supply welded carbon steel tubes and pipes for different industries such as aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automotive, light industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, etc.
Moreover, are used to fluids transport, heat exchangers, condensers, boilers, exhaust pipes or decoration, among others.


  • High surface quality, much better than seamless process
  • Cheaper process than seamless tubes in most of the cases
  • High production efficiency
  • Better corrosion resistance than seamless tube
  • Big size availability (able to produce diameters > 2500mm)


  • Medium pressure resistance.
  • Welded points are vulnerable to cracking up under high pressure (Delamination may occur)
  • Residual stress


Welded carbon steels are manufactured from continuous plates or coils.

First a bending machine wounds the plated in the circular, square or other section with the (roller in the case that its process is continuous). The second step is welding the section with/without filler material.

Materials and products

Gestion de Compras works with most of the widely known and commercial materials in welded carbon steel tube and pipe industry.

The improvement of the welded pipe techniques allows us work with austenitic steels which are generally the most weldable material; ferritic steels which are also weldable in thin sections; duplex steels are now regarded as fully weldable, but they do require more care than austenitic steels.


These tubes can be welded on the outside diameter, welded on the inside diameter or welded on both sides. Also, depending on the size requirements or properties needed, we are able to produce and supply welded pipes made by different methods:

  • ERW- Electric resistance welding
  • HFW- High Frequency Welding
  • EFW- Electric Fusion Welding
  • SAW- Submerged arc welding


Standard and certificates


Mill test certificates (MTC) according to EN 10204: 2.1, 3.1, 3.2.

Size reports are issued by our laboratory or by a third party (SGS, TUV, other)

Our factories comply with quality management systems as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.