Refrigeration and air conditioning

Refrigeration and air conditioning

Gestion de Compras supplies a wide range of items for assembly, installation and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


Refrigeration and air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air to more comfortable conditions so, the task is to keep the temperature and relative humidity of the air in the conditioned space constant at the specified values or within specified limits with the aim of improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

Depending on applications, there are several options or combinations of air conditioning such as “air conditioning for space or machines”, “split air conditioners”, “fan coil unit”, “air handling units”… Also, regarding emplacement, they could divide in many types as windowed, split wall mounted (PTAC), cabinet floor standing, roof top type…

Types of refrigeration

Vapour compression refrigeration (VCR):

The cycles are determined by the compressed fluids that, at certain temperature, tend to get colder when they are allowed to expand. If the pressure change is high enough, gas will be compressed and hotter and in reverse, if the gas is expanded, it will be colder. So, fluid is used to cool and heat the temperature environment. A variety of refrigerants are used in these systems and commonly they are in the family of chlorinated fluorocarbons (CFCs, also called Freons): R-11, R-12, R-21, R-22 and R-502. Nowadays, these refrigerants have been prohibited by CE due to their high contaminant agents for Ozone Layer. These kinds of refrigerants are replaced by R134a, R404a, R406a, R507, R407c, R417 and 410a.

Vapour absorption refrigeration (VAR):

It comprises of all the processes in the vapor compression refrigeration system like compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation but the refrigerant produces cooling effect in an evaporator and releases the heat to the atmosphere via the condenser. In the vapor absorption system the refrigerant used is ammonia, water or lithium bromide.

Gestión de Compras offers refrigeration and air conditioning items as welded brackets, floor supports, rubber antivibrators, condensate drain pipe, reinforced pipes, pipe wire protections, installation boxes, refrigerants, condensate pumps, refrigeration copper tubes, insulated copper tubes, brass and copper fittings, manifolds…

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Standard and certificates


We have the means to ensure our products comply the general regulation and the specific certificated regulations in manufacturing products that requires them.

  • ISO 9001.
  • ISO 14001.
  • OHSAS 18001.