Gestión de Compras offer to his customers a wide range of threaded rods to meets all their needs.


Threaded rod, also called as stud, is a long bar that is threaded on both ends or along its complete length.

Threaded rod can be thread in different directions, right hand, left hand or both right hand and left hand. Right hand threads are configured so that clockwise rotation tightens the threaded rod to a fastener. Left hand threads are less common, but well suited for applications in which motor vibration would cause right handed threads to loosen. When thread direction is not specified, the default direction is usually to the right. Threaded rods with both right hand threads and left hand threads have right threads at one end of the rod, and left threads at the opposite end. This dual thread style is used for specialty assemblies such as turnbuckles.

Threaded rods process 1 Threaded rods process 2


Thread and form rolling is a simple cold forging process confined almost entirely to external threads. During cold forging process, hardened steel dies are used to roll the threads; the threaded faces of these dies are pressed against the surface of a plain cylindrical blank. In penetrating in the surface of the blank, the dies displace the material forming the thread.

In Gestión de Compras we are experts on manufacture threaded rods according to most demanded standards, thus as according to customer specifications for special applications.


Threaded rods can be made of many materials as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, plastic, nylon, PVC, rubber… Moreover, metallic threaded rod can be anodized, treated with black oxide, chrome galvanized, phosphate coated, or plated with silver, gold or zinc.

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Threaded rods can be used for in many industries for many different applications, such as for use with most standard size fasteners, manufacturing, construction and automotive industries, electrical and plumbing purposes, for special purpose machineries where proper alignment is required, to secure parts together...


Dimensional tolerance determine how the threaded rod assemble with the nut without interference, that is, the clearance fits between them. For example, in the case of Unified inch screw threads there are three standard classes for external threads: 1A, 2A, and 3A, being the biggest tolerance for 1A and the narrowest for 3A.


We have the means to ensure our products comply the general regulation and the specific certificated regulations in manufacturing products that requires them.

  • ISO 9001.
  • ISO 14001.
  • TS 16949.
  • OHSAS 18001.

Threaded rod and stud common DIN standards:

  • DIN 975 Fully Threaded Rod.
  • DIN 976A Fully Threaded Stud Bolt- No Bevel.
  • DIN 976B Fully Threaded Stud Bolt- Beveled.
  • DIN 976 Fully Threaded Studs (All types).
  • DIN 835, DIN 938, DIN 939, DIN 940, Metal End- Double End- Tap End Stud.
  • DIN 71803 Ball Stud- all Form Types.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18001



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