Rodents pest control products

Rodents pest control products

We work with suppliers with extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture of professional products and equipment for rodent control.


As we already know, rodent pests (specially rats) are one of the most destructive in the world. They have a devastating impact on businesses, particularly those related to the food industry, since they can not only transmit diseases through food, rather, the company may lose brand reputation and economic losses due to operating costs.

To can avoid this kind of problems that they can cause, we must implement different methods and products for its control.


What problems can they cause?

In addition to the obvious diseases that they can transmit, another of the main problems they cause is in companies, causing, for example, damage to electrical equipment.

Also, it is very common that, after gnawing on electrical cables, they can cause fires, equipment failures and consequently production downtime.

All this leads to a significant economic loss due to repairs and production stoppages.



In Gestion de Compras we work with suppliers with extensive experience in design, development and manufacture of this type of products.

We also have the versatility to produce products according to specific requirements and customer plans, in addition to working with standard products.

We work with all these materials and process since we have the support of factories with machines and tools of the highest technology to obtain the desired products.

Available products



trampas roedores

Snap traps and covers

trampas roedores 02

Mouse and rat traps

trampas roedores 03

Rodent glue boards

trampas roedores 04

Mole traps


Ancillary products for bait box

bait box

Bait box


Rodent and wildlife cage traps

malla para roedores

Rodent proofing products


Rodent control monitoring system

Regulations and certificates


We have the means to ensure that our products comply with the general regulation and the most specific certification in the manufacturing:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • TS 16949
  • OHSAS 18001