Gestión de Compras designs, develops and manufactures Pet Preforms for various sectors.

The PET preform, better known as “preform”, is accomplished through a molding process. The fused PET injected into a mold become a preform, which, by an additional processing step (blowing), takes the form of bottles for beverages for elementary, oil or detergents use.


The One-Stage Method

This method goes from PET granule to finished bottle on one integrated machine. This means the injection-moulded preform is withdrawn from the injection cavity while still hot enough to be stretch blown to form the bottle. One-Stage method is suited to small and medium scale production lines.

The Two-Stage Method

This method uses two separate machines, an injection moulding machine for making the preforms and a reheat blow moulding machine to reheat the preforms from a cold state and blow the bottles. This method is most suited to medium to large-scale production.


  1. Drying of PET
  2. Plasticizing the PET
  3. Injection Molding the PET Preform
  4. Heating the PET Preform
  5. Stretch Blow Molding the PET Container
  6. PET Container/Bottle Ejector

Standards Preforms

PCO (Plastic Closure Only), POPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof), Bericap (that is the name of the company-inventor), BPF (British Plastic Federation), OIL (Oil application)

PET preforms can be used for packaging of mineral water, juices, liquor, soda, sparkling drinks, edible oil, pharma products, pickles, squashes, FMCG products and so on.



Soluciones Globales y Gestión de Compras S.L.

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