Plastic foldable containers and pallets

Plastic foldable containers and pallets

In Gestión de Compras we have a wide range of boxes, containers and other types of products for transport and storage.

Plastic foldable containers and pallets available

In our catalog we have more than 120 different sizes. As they are folding pieces, the advantages that they facilitate in terms of transport, cost and space are very wide. To get the product you want, contact Gestión de Compras, and we will help you meet your needs.

caja modelo c

Collapsible crate

We have a wide range of folding boxes that combine the advantage of saving transportation costs, easy installation and easy to handle, it is in great demand in the world market. Especially in sectors such as industry, agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry and aquaculture. It is nontoxic
and tasteless, can be used for food preservation, and is easy to clean.
Made with PP (Polypropylene), a product with light weight and long useful life. In our catalog you can find more than 10 different boxes. With or without holes in the side walls, with or without cover, with or without wheels… Depending on the customer’s needs. When folded, the boxes occupy between a third or a fifth of their original volume.

Large foldable container

This folding container maintains width and length in all its models, but the height varies depending on the client’s needs. When folded, the height of the container is only 350mm, which facilitates its storage and transport. Manufactured through injection of plastic with High Density Polyethylene, which ensures its solidity and consistency.
It is suitable for use as product packaging containers in large-scale fisheries, printing and bleaching plants, electroplating factories, cigarette factories, food factories, leather factories, etc. Compared with the wooden and metal box, the plastic collapsible container has a long service life and is lighter, which will save you shipping cost.


caja modelo d

contenedor plegable

Collapsible container (45L)

This collapsible container is popular for its durable capacity, space savings, and transportation and replacement cost savings. Can be used for home, office or warehouse organization. Color: blue, green and red.