Plastic recycling machinery

Plastic recycling machinery

We have more than twenty machinery specialized in different recycling processes, in different materials (PP, PE, EVA, etc).


In Gestión de Compras we are aware that any contribution is good when it comes to the environment. That is why we have been working for years with a wide variety of machinery specialized in plastic recycling. At Gestión de Compras we are actively committed to sustainable socioeconomic development, amenities to ensure the performance of recycling equipment, help customers improve their efficiency, reduce energy consumption; as well as promoting low-carbon economic growth.

Therefore, we have more than twenty machinery specialized in different recycling processes, in different materials (PP, PE, EVA, etc). Each of the machines is designed to recycle as much plastic as possible in the most efficient way. The capacity of each one of them varies depending on the model. Some of the machinery we work with are cleaners, complete recycling lines, granulators, feeders, dehydrators, extruders, etc.

There you can find the available models, but we recommend that, in case of interest, you contact Purchasing Management to better manage your choice depending on the needs of each client.

Recycling line

  • Polypropylene and polyethylene: This washing machine can be usedto recycle plastic waste, such asplastic bags, use plastic in
    agriculture, packaging, etc. The entire production line is safe and complies with the highest quality, with CE and ISO9001 certificate.
    High working efficiency, low content humidity (less than 5%). Long
    assured durability.
  • PET bottles: To clean PET bottles, some chain machinery is necessary. The processes that plastic must go through for recycling are: selection, washing and drying.
  • PP and HDPE bottles, boxes, chairs and other injection plastic waste.

Recycling line-pelletizing

Plastic granulating / shredding machines are very useful for the recycling line, as they are used to break the plastic and facilitate its recycling. Inside the machine, blades fed with the energy of the motor, are in charge of breaking the plastic into smaller pieces. Gestión de Compras has several types of shredders, depending on the type of plastic that the customer needs to recycle.


The Squeezer dryer can dry film flakes immediately. Equipped with rotating screw and special reducer box, which could dehydrate and dry the film flakes. Easy to use. The drying effect can reach 92% -95%.

This machine is used for squeezing and pre-pelletizing PP / PE films, woven bags. ton bags, nylon, etc. It is equipped with advanced screw extrusion system, the squeezing efficiency could reach 95%. It can also work according to the washing and pelletizing line with capacity and automation of the whole process.

Hydraulic packaging machine

Gestión de Compras supplies a wide range of hydraulic balers to customers to manage their recyclable waste materials. Our balers range from vertical balers to horizontal balers.

For a bailing machine, the most important part is the hydraulic setup. Among the hydraulic parts, the oil seal and the oil cylinder are the most important parts. We adopt oil sealing and use very solid piston rod for the cylinder, which can guarantee that our packing machines work for more than 15 years.

You can choose the balers based on your applications, which can be used to press cardboard, paper, PET bottles, HOPE bottles, aluminum cans, metals, tires, fibers, used clothing, sawdust, hay, garbage, etc.