Welding wire

Welding wire

Gestión de Compras have the means to get a great variety of welding wire, for different compositions, dimensions and applications.


Welding operation can be a significant fabrication activity for many companies, it is usually one of the first manufacturing processes to receive careful scrutiny when improve quality, raise productivity, and save costs is the goal. Unfortunately switch a lower cost wire or electrode could translate into additional money spent in pre- and post-weld operations such as cutting, forming, cleaning, tacking, grinding and painting, etc

Selecting a quality MIG wire is critical. It can be more forgiving and produce a sound weld even under less than perfect conditions. Take, for instance, a plate with surface contaminants. The right MIG wire for that application may make some pre-welding operations obsolete. And, as more companies move to robotics, a quality MIG wire will provide accuracy in wire placement and consistency in the weld, making rework less of an issue.

For this reasons in Gestión de Compras we offer different types of welding wires Depending on your requirements for quality, productivity and cost:

1 Flux core welding wire

Also called tubular welding wire, contain in the core fluxing agents, as well as deoxidizers, to provide additional protection from the atmosphere. The flux ingredients can be engineered to enhance the mechanical properties of the weld deposit.

2 Gas welding wire (MIG/MAG)

It’s a solid wire. The mechanical properties and strength of the weld deposit depend first on the chemistry of the wire and second on the type of shielding gas used.

3 Submerged Arc welding wire

In this type of welding the wire work under a granulated flux shield that protect the weld from atmosphere and also could modify its chemical composition. Normally thickness for this wire is of 1.6 mm to 6.4 mm.

4 TIG welding rods

TIG welding is much employed to weld different materials like aluminium, titanium or nickel alloys that for other method could be impossible. For this reason exist TIG rods in a wide variety of materials, compositions and diameters.


Gestión de Compras have the means to get a great variety of welding wire, for different compositions, dimensions and applications. We provide welding wire and granulated flux according to EN, ISO, ASME and other international standards. Also we could provide special custom welding wire according to customer requirements.

Materials and applications

Welding operations could be performed on workpieces in a wide variety of materials, including most metals and also some thermoplastics.

Welding is usually used like a sub process in the production of parts and have an important use in the area industrial, automotive, machinery, plumbing, telecommunications, and other electrical and electronic components.


Standard and certificates


We have the means to ensure our products comply the general regulation and the specific certificated regulations in manufacturing products that requires them.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001.
  • TS 16949,ISO 13485.
  • OHSAS 18001.