Gestión de Compras has the necessary means for electrical discharging machining (EDM).

EDM or Electric Discharge Machining is a machining process. Desired piece is obtained through electric discharges.

The materials employed in EDM and other machining processes are carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum ...

The name of the process shows their main feature. Electricity is used to shape individual pieces.

The electrode is a very important part of the process. It is a good conductor. It is coated with graphite to improve wear resistance. The size and shape of this piece can be quite varied.

During the process, it generates an electric arc between the work-piece and the electrode. This arc starting aims excess material particles to the development of the piece. EDM can be carried out using two different types of processes. Sinker EDM or Wire EDM.

Sinker EDM: Electrode and work-piece are connected to power supply. Between electrode and work-piece there is an electrical potential. Sparks erode material.

Wire EDM: In this type of process is used a thin single-strand metal wire. It can cut a very complicated shapes. Thin single-strand metal wire is normally brass.

EDM advantages: Very fine holes are drilled without breaking material. A good results in surface appearance. Complex design parts easier achieved. EDM allows to work with small work-piece. Other tools will damage work-piece.

EDM disadvantages: Low amount of material removal. Easily and quickly wear tool. Large consumption of energy and time.



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