Gestion de Compras has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture of plastic injection molds for the production of pipe fittings.

One major processes used in manufacture plastic pipe fittings is the injection molding. Equipment to mold fittings consists of a mold and an injection molding press.

  • The mold is a split metal block (usually steel or stainless steel) that is machined to form the cavities in the block. Hollows in the mold parts are created by tools shaping the part cavity. The molded parts are created by filling the cavity in the mold through a filling port called gate. Depending on the part to be made, an injection mold can be made with multiple cavities and integrated by several gates.
  • The injection molding press has two parts, a press to open and close the mold and an injection extruder to inject material into the mold cavity.

When the mould is closed, the melted material is injected into the mold cavities under high pressure then, the mold is cooled by water circulating and when the parts has solidified, the mold is opened and parts are ejected.

Plastic injection molds for fittings accepts a huge range of plastic, such as PVC, PP, PE, PB, ABS, POM, PVDF, PPSU…

Fittings that are produced by injection molding are available in various shapes and sizes such as coupler, TEE, reducers, elbows 90º - 45º, crosses, end caps, sockets, adapters, bushings, plugs… And they are used worldwide in sanitary and storm sewer systems, drinking water supply, roof drains, irrigation, drainage, gas supply, ventilation, mining and industrial, communications, electrical, exhaust systems and so on…

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