Gestión de Compras has sheet metal forming processes such as water jet cutting

The plate is a thin sheet of different types of metal. Carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, magnesium, titanium, ... according to the material chosen and subsequent treatment is applied, the sheet metal part have certain properties.

Parts made using the technique of water jet cutter, are used in various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, navigation, textiles, ceramics, even footwear. Also, they are used for the production of machined industrial parts of hardware, such as washers.

This process serves many materials. The difference in the process is whether or not an abrasive in water. For sheet forming, an abrasive element is needed to be able to cut aluminum, steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and other metals from which the sheet is produced.

The equipment required for this process consists of a pool of water, nozzle, cooling center, warehouses for abrasives, decalcification, and a purifier of abrasives.

The two most important elements in the process are water cutting nozzle and pressure. Water mixed with the abrasive component necessary exits a nozzle at a pressure very high. The shape of the nozzle directly affects the accuracy and quality of the jet. The water pressure must be strong enough to produce the cut.

Among the advantages of this process, cutting out quality achieved, without requiring a subsequent treatment of the piece. You do not need a heat source. The same machinery can be used to cut materials hardness and different characteristics. Furthermore, it is one of the less polluting processes.

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